What We

Digital Solutions

EVI platform

Key digital products and services for making distributed energy assets integration to existing grid sustainable, affordable and secure.

It optimally aggregates and manages the energy of thousands of distributed energy assets to generate  benefits for the owners, the electrical system, and the environment. Composed by several applications and software programs


Core Features


Smart Energy Control

Optimize power flow to reduce demand, charge as 100% renewable energy as possible, and meet power needs.


Runtime Monitoring

Log and monitor events and metrics from different sources (EVSE, PV, EMS,…), set alarms, and initiate smart actions.



Set up your existing electric grid, White-label your tenant or personalise it with a look and feel that suits who you are.


Data Insights

Use of automated tools based on Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to obtain knowledge and actionable data insights.



Based on open industry standards and protocols (OCPP, OCPI, Inverters API,…) to make integrations easy and affordable.


Partner APIs

Support integrations with partners and customers to leverage powerful state-of-the-art technologies.


Added Services

Supply and installation

The installation of a solar panel or a charging point requires a specific knowledge of electricity. We help the customer not only in the acquisition of the charging point but also in its installation, ready to start using the platform.

Financing support

Concerned about the initial investment? We connect clients with partners, including platforms for financing, to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary technological equipment with zero upfront.

Consulting and Strategy

Study of the client’s needs, to identify the best solution depending on the type of vehicle and installation. We seek to meet present and future needs in accordance with the client’s goals and particular conditions.

Whether you have a renewable self-consumption installation or  charging point, or you are considering taking the step, were are developing new technologies for you to maximise the savings and benefit from added value services.